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"PhoXo Overview By Artsieladie"
Art by Artsieladie
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A little about the digital program, PhoXo..... 

Note: It's usually best to download programs directly from the "home site" of a particular program whenever possible, unless you know an alternate site for download is reputable and safe. Downloading from sites other than the home site, increases your risk of downloading malicious spyware and malware that can be "piggybacked" with a program and then placed onto your computer AND 'very possibly' without you being the wiser. 

PhoXo: (English version) 

I have used this digital program, PhoXo*, somewhat. It has a feature where you can add clip art images to your work that come from PhoXo's Clip Art Gallery. However, the program does not offer the capability to 
add your own, at least, not yet that I know of. 

There is an extensive number of attractive frames offered by the program as well that allows you to frame your work and they can be adjusted to: narrow, normal, and thick. Like the images, you can only add from the PhoXo Frame Gallery with the exception, you can make and add 'simple' gradient frames.

PhoXo has tools such as, pattern, stamp, shape, fade, and gradient, offering some cool and unique capabilities. 
⁕ The pattern tool offers some cool pattern backgrounds.
 The stamp tool is similar to how Photoshop's shape tool works. 
 The shape tool is used with a layer coloured or with an image and the selected shape is "lifted" from the background it's applied to, making only the shape itself left "of the background applied to" and the rest is wiped, made transparent. 
 The fade tool is unique in that it repeats an image but fades it out behind the image chosen. 
 The gradient tool is simplistic in that it creates 'simple' gradients.

You can read CNET's review about PhoXo also and they offer the download of PhoXo as well. I will say, I have used CNET many times for downloading without any problems:

Personally, I like having a variety of digital editing programs because different programs have different features, particularly in regards to effects and filters, which means you can do different things with different programs. Here is an example of using a combination of PhoXo, PicMonkey, and Photoshop. Note the '7' phasing/fading out.

Art by Artsieladie
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If you decide to give it a try, enjoy!

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~ Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
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"Giving is the joy of living." 
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Howdy folks! 😀

"RSS Feed For Blogspot/Blogger"

Art by Artsieladie
After trying for what has seemed like an endless amount of time to create an RSS feed widget for my other Blogspot blogs to place on this one, using, and having no luck with the feed given by Blogspot, I FINALLY decided to look at the code in the feed widgets I've previously made successfully. When it comes to HTML code, using it, and deciphering it, I am really BAD at it. 😧

Since I used the RSS feed from Blogspot previously and it worked, I don't understand why now it won't. 😕 Anyway, since I have the code from widgets I've previously made, I decided to see if there could be a RSS feed link "in the code snippet" of the working widgets. 😼 I found one but not written like this: "http://...".

For an example I'll refer to my blog at

Blogspot gives this as the RSS feed link:

But when you enter this in the required RSS feed field to make the feed widget, it does not work now. 😖

When I looked in the snippet code of a working widget, it shows this as the RSS feed link:

So, I put this "as is" in the RSS field but no good. It didn't work. 😒 So, then I thought if I 'decoded' the code that replaces characters such as the colon, forward slashes, etc., perhaps it would work. 😐

I remembered that "%3A" replaces a colon and "%2F" replaces a forward slash but the latter two, "%3F" and "%3D" I couldn't. 😦 So then I googled: "%3F in HTML equals what?" ...and there was this link: which showed me what they stood for. 😌

Once decoded, the RSS feed link for my rhymetyme blog is: 😸

Then I went back to Feed Widget and put this 'decoded' link in the RSS feed field, and whalah! Success! 😤

I know some of you web designers and programmers probably are having a good laugh about this (I'm laughing myself now that I've figured it out) 😆 but for those of us who don't do this sort of thing very much or on a regular basis, it's minor things like this that makes getting a site together, working and presentable quite time consuming to say the least.

I'm sharing this in case others have run into this dilemma. For your Blogspot blog, this is the RSS feed, except just insert the name of your blog where this is: (your blog name here) like this only I'm using my blog's name as an example:

http://(your blog name here)

With my blog name inserted, becomes:

Now it's back to work for me.

😊 Have an awesome day! 😊
~ Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly
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"Giving is the joy of living." 
~ Quote by Artsieladie
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Thursday, July 21, 2005


Hello all, from Artsieladie!
*Early Post*
"Anniversary Poem"

Through the years from where we came, 

We've traveled our many roads together...
Though some were long and dreary_

Made us tired, made us weary...

We've always withstood the weather.

Through the years from where we came,

We have added verses to our song.
Yet still we've stayed in tune

Since we first began in June.
Somehow, our journey hasn't seemed that long.

Through the years from where we came,

Maybe, we've gotten just a little out of sync
Yet, we ironed out the creases

And adopted some new thesis

But retained the cup from which we drink.

Through the years from where we came,

We've built strength on respect and caring
Matters that are small

We tend to each and all

With our love and through our sharing.

Through the years from where we came,

With God we've shared our trail. 
He has carried us thus far
For we have focused on the star

Of Jesus through our hill and vale.

Through the years from where we came,

We've tread along day by day.
Together forward we will thrust

And in His word we shall trust 
For His light will guide our way.

Through the years from where we came,

Ah, yes...and we're still as one
The ways we've mended

Our hearts we've blended

The tasks that we have done!

Through the years from where we came

We've had trying times for sure.
But we've had some fun

With the things we've done

And our faith has been our cure.

Through the fifty years we've come.

We reflect on years gone by
As husband and as wife

With our home and with our life

And...we're still reaching for the sky!

©2005/05/10 by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Artsieladie Donnelly

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Until we meet again:
"May the Love of God always touch and live within your heart!"
 by Artsieladie /Sharon Artsieladie Donnelly
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