Friday, August 24, 2018


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Cellphone wallpapers I make, folks can use them on their cellphones "as is", if they wish. They CANNOT under any circumstances, however, be altered in any way without my permission, since they are COPYRIGHTED to me, Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly.

The first three I created with the angels I very recently created from just an outline from The last/bottom wallpaper I created in memory of my sister, Carol, who passed away January, 2017.

I have created a wide variety of the angels on these wallpapers as well as a variety of the hearts they're carrying. I also show them on desktop size images. I'd like to make them available for folks to use in personal, non-commercial projects, but I don't want my graphics uploaded and offered as part of others' collections on the 'Net that some THIEF SITES are doing. So, if any viewer of this blog would like to use one or more of my angels, you can contact me here. Please read my Terms and Conditions first and make the email subject titled, "Angel Graphics". Thank you. 

(Cellphone wallpapers)



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