Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hello all, from Artsieladie!
*Early Post*
"Sometimes...Take Time"

Throughout our busy days...
In the chaos and the craze...
While we strive to live like kings,
We forget IMPORTANT things!

The beauty of a tree -
Ah, yes, a child's wonder -
Or of a rose in bloom -
Do we dare to ponder?

Seemingly insignificant matters, like thoughts 'n' prayers 'n' such...
Well, maybe, "We'll do it later...." ('cause it doesn't matter much!")
Not only of our time, is our sparing small,
But, with all our "gotta' haves", we don't recognize the call.
Of someone in need, a stranger or a friend,
Maybe just a helping hand, is all we need to lend.

You see? If it doesn't fit... within our schedule range,
Our accustomed style... we simply cannot change!
I'm not going that way... I don't think I can...
I've got to get my 'this'... That's not within my plan...
These are some 'excuses' that we're guilty of each day,
But, if we thought a moment... I bet we'd find a way!
To make a call or two or help someone in need,
If we did without a little, it would magnify, indeed!

If our material possessions were all just stripped away,
Would we be left standing... naked and in dismay?
Could we look inside our soul and be content in what we see
Or would we make some changes and throw away the key?

To the door of 'think of me'... be sure it's locked up tight,
'Cause a whole new door will open as you're showered with the light!
No longer will you have to worry about your little self,
'Cause the care you give to others will not remain upon the shelf!

You'll be surrounded in ways you can't imagine thus,
You'll feel much more significant and no more like a 'wuss'!
The rewards in life are plenty. They are there for all of us,
If we do a little caring and refocus how we fuss!

So, let us all each day find some time for others.
Share our thoughts and feelings with our sisters and our brothers.
I don't mean just family here... although they're number one,
But also, with the other souls that may not always be as fun!

Let me just say..... that I'm guilty of this, too...
That's why I'm sharing thoughts as I think of you.
And if tomorrow I'm not here, 'cause we never know what's next,
I want my family and friends to know and not to feel perplexed.

To say the way I feel... that I love each and every one...
Just doesn't seem adequate or that my task is done!
So, if there's any doubt in your minds as of today...
Remember this I've said and I mean just what I say!
I want to say one more thing, this, most of all...
May you each know God's Blessings. May they be showered on you ALL!!!

©2005/05/08 by Artsieladie, aka Sharon Artsieladie Donnelly

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"May the Love of God always touch and live within your heart!"
 by Artsieladie /Sharon Artsieladie Donnelly

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