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Greetings! I have a multitude of computer generated graphics which I have created over the years, either totally from scratch using Photoshop or recreated from photos or a combination of both. Either way, with all of my graphics I have taken a lot of time creating them; altogether an immeasurable amount of time. I am very fussy with how I do any work I do. My graphics are no exception. 

With this said, for this reason especially along with the fact that anyone who does the work earns the credit for their work involving time and effort, the copyright does and will always belong to me, Artsieladie/Sharon Donnelly for my 'original' works. I am simply making some of my graphics available for others to be able to enjoy and use in their/your non-commercial projects ONLY and provided the use of does not violate my stipulations. (Please see: Additional stipulations) I make NO money from my work. Therefore, others should not either. Under NO circumstances are my graphics to be included in any other collections and/or uploaded to and offered from any other website that is not a website I have personally designated!

1. Under NO circumstances are my graphics to be included in whole or in part in any other collections and/or uploaded to and offered from any other website that is not a website I have personally designated, which at this time, I haven't designated ANY, yet. When I do designate a site or sites, I will say so here on this page. To ALL 'POTENTIAL' VIOLATORS: This is your ONE and ONLY warning!
This is how the "original" digital artist's credit for THEIR work gets lost in the shuffle because several websites make available to download from their sites identical images without ever mentioning WHERE and/or FROM WHOM they originated from. Then for websites to ask for a link back to their site, when they're posting for download others' works, is appalling at best. Some websites are even charging a fee for others' images, either singularly or in a bundle, they have literally stolen since they're posting images as their own and the images are not theirs to claim, much less charge a fee for. Therefore, if I do discover this rule is being violated in regards to my graphics, the violator(s) will be demanded to remove my graphics from their collection/website AND will be reported for COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT AND the knowledge of their violation will be made known across the Internet! 

2. My graphics I'm making available for others to be able to enjoy and use is for their/your own non-commercial projects ONLY! 
They may be modified to fit your projects' needs but the copyright of the originals, my 'work', will always belong to, remain with, yours truly. If someone wants to use any of my graphics in commercial projects, MY permission in writing must be requested and received to do so, FIRST. NO EXCEPTIONS!

3. ADDITIONAL STIPULATIONS: My work, my graphics are NOT TO BE USED in conjunction with, as part of, or to promote/advocate for ANYTHING whatsoever that is: criminal, unethical, immoral, political, pornographic and cannot as well be used to promote bigotry, prejudice, and hatred against anyone, which includes anyone's religion, culture, nationality, sexual orientation, ethnicity, colour, creed, or anything else along these lines.
My creative Gift is a Gift from God and I will not accept nor stand for it to be used in any way, shape, or form in a bad, disgraceful light. Use my graphics in/with the Light of Love from whence they came.

4. Although it would be very much appreciated to include a link back to my/this blog and good to spread the word so others can also know about to also benefit from the graphics I'm offering, I am not requiring this.
I do kindly ask that if my followers do happen upon a website where my graphics are being offered, violating my TOU, please contact and share with me the name/link of the website in violation. If wrongdoers are not held accountable, then they're allowed to continue their wrongdoing.
(Note: As of yet I have not decided just where I'll upload to/make my graphics available from. My initial plan a number of years ago now, was to work with and offer them from Elftown.com as the base of operation when I was actively helping to promote the site, with the hopes of bringing more attention to the site both traffic wise and for more artists to join the once great website. But the owner of the site apparently isn't/wasn't interested in having a devoted person on board, which the details of I won't get into here and now.)

5. I reserve the right to add to, change, modify, amend, etc. these TOU rules at ANY time without warning or notice.
It may depend upon how well my TOU rules are honoured and respected. Since I'm offering folks the 'privilege' to use and enjoy my graphics, then I expect, rightfully so, all users to be responsible users by respecting and honouring my wishes by complying with my TOU rules. I do believe most folks are but there are always some who think they are exempt from the rules, unfortunately. It's always the few who are inconsiderate and irresponsible that spoil things for others. It troubles me that I even have to feel the need to write specifics because of such inconsiderate and irresponsible people. I'll never understand how some people can do things they know are wrong without their guilty conscience eating at them. But then, I guess maybe such people have no conscience? Neither can I comprehend this.

6. I may be contacted via my "contact page" entitled: Contact Me
Therefore, if anyone has any questions about the usage of my graphics, for example, please do not hesitate to contact me and ask. ...And it's always nice to hear from folks who use my graphics in their creative projects. When contacting me through email, there are specifics that must be adhered to or your email will be deleted, unread, of course. When emailing me, just use plain text only. NO generic or hyper-links; NO attachments. When there's a 'subject title' suggested, please use it. Non-compliance will get your email surely dismissed and deleted and the way I see it is, if one cannot show respect and follow a few simple rules regarding emailing me, then it means they won't respect and follow anything else I request in regards to my work, either.

7. Also, I enjoy being creative in general, which includes making graphics.
I mention this for anyone who may be looking for some specific graphics. I can't promise I'll have what you're looking for, but if I do, I'm usually more than happy to help another out. Or perhaps, I could possibly create what one is in need of, if I don't. Please just keep in mind, I can't guarantee or promise I'll have or can make what you need, but it never hurts to ask.

💗 Have an awesome day! 💗
~ Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly
© All rights reserved.
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