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Brief and basic...
I've had in the back of my mind now for a long time the idea to share some of my gazillion graphics with other folks who also enjoy creating.

So, still in favour of the idea, which others who are doing likewise have inspired me to do as well, I've decided to carry out the idea with this blog. Besides sharing some of my graphics, I have in mind to share helpful tips, either of my own or ones I come across on the 'Net, which I'll share the links to.

I will be writing up, spelling out, my "terms and conditions" for and how to use my graphics. This I have to do before I post any to share.

So currently, I'm in the process of setting up for this blog's new intended purpose, with much 'behind the scenes' tasks to do and involving some HTML work, which I'm not very good with. This will take a little time mostly because I'm a fussy person. But hopefully, I'll soon start some serious posting.

Have a blessed day!
Have an awesome day! 
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