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Howdy folks! 

Another Christmas greeting card I've designed of my Christmas Teddybear. Me lurves teddybears! I may add more. You can always check back and see and even though some are added on or after Christmas, 2018, they will be here for next year and maybe by then, I'll have designed even more. Merry Christmas!

Growing up, one of my fondest Christmas memories is the making of Christmas cards and gift tags (which I may also do as well). Mom and us kids put all our creative ideas together, along with drawing, colouring, different colours of paper, glitter, and even some glue, and we made cards and tags to give to family, friends, teachers, mailman, etc.. To this day I enjoy making greeting cards for birthdays and various holidays/occasions, but especially for Christmas. Whenever possible we can share how we each are blessed with a gift or gifts, I believe we should and being creative is one of the ways God has gifted and blessed me.

My cards have different designs, some with a fine, gold trim, some not; some with outside borders, some not; some with candy cane frames/borders, some not. One design is a 'vertical' card (taller and less wide - 5.5 inches x 8.5 inches) and the other is a 'horizontal' card (shorter and more wide - 8.5 inches x 5.5 inches). For those who don't know how to print a card, I may at some point place helpful directions with images to help with card placement on the paper to be printed on, so your cards don't result in being backwards. Once you understand, it's very simple. They fit on one half of a regular size sheet of paper (11 inches x 8.5 inches - horizontal position; 8.5 inches x 11 inches - vertical position), preferably of 'card stock' grade so the card can be stood on its own to display, if wanted.

Under the images you'll see the corresponding image links for sharing, if one wishes. By right clicking on an image, you can then select 'save image' or 'save image as' to save it to your phone or computer. I refer to my cards as being either 'vertical' or 'horizontal' simply due to which measurement is greater. Since the vertical measurement is greater with the taller cards, I refer to them as 'vertical' and since the horizontal measurement is greater with the wider cards, I refer to these as 'horizontal'. 

All my cards I've created in a PSD format, which means I can use a variety of combinations in their designing, with different colour combinations. For example: If I want a mainly red themed card, I'll use a candy cane 'inner' border that's red and white with red text and with possibly red poinsettias -or- I may forego the candy cane 'inner' border and use a glittery red outside border/frame, instead. If you look through all the cards I'm displaying, you will see the variety of ways I've designed them, along with the different colour themes. 

I mention this because if you would like a particular card, but with a different colour theme, drop me an email and explain what colour theme change you would like and I'll be more than glad to customize a card for you. Make sure the subject says, "Christmas Card Customizing" (so if it goes to spam I'll know not to delete it) and in this case, it would be best to include the image link(s) I provide with my card images, so I can know which card (or cards) you are making reference to. I can also interchange "Merry Christmas" with say, "Season's Greetings" or "Happy Holidays", except I will not make this change on cards that depict the birth of Jesus, like The Nativity, Three Kings, and the Shepherds, Star of Bethlehem.

About the usage rights - Terms and Conditions: 
I've made and am making card designs for anyone to be able to download and print them and can give and/or send them to family and friends. They are and will remain copyrighted to yours truly. They are not to be altered in any way that removes, covers up, or eliminates in any way whatsoever, my name, my logo, and this blog's address. Since these cards are in digital form, it's not possible to put my information on the back as is usually done with an actual card. Under no circumstances whatsoever are my card designs to be added to ANY other collection and/or offered from another website that is not one of mine. As the copyright owner, I ONLY have ALL the say about the usage, distribution, and publishing of MY work. By downloading my card designs, this automatically means you've read and you agree with my terms and conditions. If anyone has questions, please use my contact page on this blog and title the subject, "Christmas Cards 2018" and text only emails. Thank you. 

I shouldn't have to say any of this nor repeat it, but there are always people out there looking to benefit from others' work. I simply would like to see people get some enjoyable use from my card designs. Hope all have a Merry Christmas! 

Christmas Cards: "Teddybears"
Christmas Teddybear
Christmas Teddy art by/copyrighted to Artsieladie

PNG image link:

More? Maybe.
(horizontal or vertical) 
PNG image link(s):
Top: link
Bottom: link

💗 Merry Christmas! 💗
By Artsieladie /Artsieladie Sharon Donnelly 
All rights reserved.
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